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Can Austin Businesses Reach Their IT Support Nirvana?


In the movie The Matrix, the captive humans were given the option to live in a computer-generated world that reflected a paradise or nirvana.

However, the humans systematically rejected that peaceful reality and instead accepted a world full of greed, crime, violence and injustice.

Many times, I think life imitates art, as some business people in Austin and San Antonio seem to reject the possibility that IT support can exist in an absolute state of harmony where there is no downtime, productivity can dramatically increase and business continuity can withstand virtually any disaster with profits unaffected.  Does this state of IT support really exist? 

 Real Life

The other day I was on the phone with a local CPA firm in Austin that was against the idea of cloud computing.  However, true to the local culture she was open minded and willing to listen to what we had to say.  After I had explained in detail some of the amazing benefits of moving into a cloud environment, she exclaimed, “That is simply not possible”!

You see accepting the idea that the normal struggles that business owners face dealing with technology can all magically disappear is simply too difficult for some to imagine. 

Any Thing Is Possible

When you stop and think about some of the achievements of humanity in almost every area of like from science, technology, politics etc..., we have literally gone from no pictures when there was only radio, to moving pictures without sound, until today when we have HD quality picture and quality sound.

In almost every endeavor of life, people are always finding ways to improve and push the limits of ‘reality’ to make the impossible, possible.


If you take a second and think about some of man’s achievements especially in the area of technology then I do not think the idea of achieving this perfect computer support harmony is really such a far fetch concept.  

Instead of people rejecting the perfect cloud environment like the matrix paradise, let us all try to be open to the possible.  Then and only then can you reach the ultimate state of IT Nirvana!

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