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Cloud Computing is the New Approach for San Antonio Businesses

CC New ApproachLet us talk about cloud computing for San Antonio businesses. Particularly, those that are looking to stay ahead of the technology curve. But before we jump into that, take a minute to think of the classic TV repair shop. If you're in your mid-twenties or older, you likely have quite a few memories of TV repair shops, since they used to be quite popular. Nowadays, less and less people have their tech fixed after it's been broken -- so these TV repair shops, like many others, have long since fallen out of fashion.

The reason being?

Technology has evolved, and is in a constant state of great iterations. Think of the smartphone -- expensive, portable, handheld devices that have become integrated into our daily lives. These devices are powerful, but not necessarily built to last. The phone contracts that these devices are acquired with facilitate the new way things are done. If something breaks, just replace it -- or, better yet, upgrade it.

The rapid evolution of technology often means that repair is time-consuming and costly, often disproportionately so in comparison to just buying a new device. In this fast-paced, information-driven economy, people don't have time to wait for repairs -- they demand the cutting edge.

And so should you and your business.

The Importance of the New Approach

Being a modern business means following modern philosophies. The modern philosophy isn't "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" -- instead, the world of today is focused on constant innovation, progress and change. Sticking stubbornly to the old ways just because they used to be effective can bring down any business, no matter how large -- compare the meteoric rise of companies like Chipotle to the decline of McDonalds. These are two distinctly different businesses operating in the same industry -- but the newer one is providing what people want now, instead of being stuck in old ways.

IT companies understand the importance of innovation. Tech has always been about innovation, but now the world is about tech -- so they're in their natural environment. They know what's coming next, and what the approach is necessary to handle that.

What is this "New Approach", then?

Cloud Computing is the New Approach

Cloud computing, in short, is computing that takes place entirely in the cloud. "The cloud" in this context means external servers or databases performing calculations, storing and managing data for you and your business. You already see this technology in your daily life -- services like Gmail, for instance, are hosted in "the cloud" and available from all kinds of Internet-connected devices.

Using the incredible power of cloud computing in San Antonio, new possibilities arise. No matter who you are or where you are, you can access the cloud anywhere even in San Antonio with just an Internet connection. This means you and your employees can work from home or on the go. The cloud is also automatically managed, saving you the IT budget troubles of upgrading old hardware and performing difficult system updates. Not only does the cloud offer more features than older methods ever could, but it's also cheaper and more secure in the long run. Power outages can't get rid of something stored in an external server, and you could immediately start right back up with all of your services up and running, along with all of your data.


Settling for less in this economy means asking your customers to settle for less, and that isn't how it works anymore. Don't make that mistake; contact our office today. We are Commercial IT Solutions, and we are your cloud computing company in San Antonio!

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