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Cloud Services Are Changing Business Habits in Austin!


Traditionally attorneys have a reputation for being workaholics that slave over their cases and keep long hours at the office.

I can attest that the lawyers I have met love the outdoors but cannot remember the last time they played golf, camped or went fishing.

However, this trend is starting to change as our cloud services becomes more popular in San Antonio and Austin, see how!

Desktop as a Service

The key element in our cloud solution that is transforming the behavior of these law firms is our cloud desktop.  This innovation creates a virtual image of your desktop in our data center that looks just like the physical version but has all your applications and email stored in a more secure and compliant environment.

The major improvement that is allowing this technology to catch on is the speed that it operates in the cloud.  Now users are experiencing absolutely no lag or slowness from their virtual desktop.

What makes all this technology so exciting is that cloud users can log into their desktop from any device no matter where they are, as long as there is internet access.

The Behavior Change

We recently took notice that some of the managing partners among our legal clients have been more difficult to reach on the phone.  Upon inquiring as to why this was happening, one law firm told us that ever since their attorneys got remote access from their cloud desktops, they all stop coming into the office.

Now this change represents a seismic shift in habits for these professional workaholics!  I can just imagine that many of these partners are now spending more time with their families, going fishing or even getting in 18 holes on the golf course.

The best part is that we are also getting reports that many of our clients billing hours has increased at the same time…  Therefore, it sounds like our cloud desktop has freed up a lot of time for our customers and allowed them to become more profitable at the same time.


The blinking light on the old VCR proves that many times the bells and whistles or advanced features that excites buyers doesn’t always  turn out to be as helpful in real life.  However, the evidence is showing that the cloud desktop is truly going to be a real life changing technology!

So, if you have been on the sidelines as a cloud skeptic then it might be time to consider cloud services for your business.

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