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Does Your IT Support Provider in San Antonio Offer Internet Failover?

InternetFailoverInternet downtime is inevitable for most companies with on-premise systems. Yet it's possible to have near zero downtime if you choose an experienced cloud provider that emphasizes security. A major downside to the cloud, however, is that loss of the Internet means you are disconnected from network and communication with customers. Here are items to be aware of in your search for IT support in San Antonio.

Backup Internet Plan

Even though the cloud's worst weakness can be resolved, cloud solutions are often overlooked by cloud skeptics regardless of whether or not solutions exist. One of the key solutions for protecting critical data is a new technology that delivers backup Internet service -- which takes over if an outage occurs. The carriers are independent of each other and changeover is automatic in an outage.

The key to the backup Internet plan is that downtime will not be a factor due to the seamless transition between carriers. In order to accomplish this goal, you need to subscribe to a backup Internet provider. Then you must install a smart router equipped with an Internet failover solution designed to be unaffected by Internet outages.

One of the biggest reasons to avoid an in-house infrastructure is that it requires much more attention and expense when it comes to maintenance and a backup and recovery plan. You will constantly need to deal with finding solutions to problems that would not exist in a cloud infrastructure. The cloud offers built-in solutions. A cloud solution will take the stress out of certain areas of your business and raise comfort level.

Bundled Cloud Solution

Our cloud computing solution is a bundled package that includes an Internet failover solution. It's most cost-effective to work with one tech consultant rather than several vendors. We are experienced at helping San Antonio businesses migrate to the cloud as well as providing IT support in San Antonio. A major advantage to moving to the cloud is that the business can be operated remotely around the clock.

Preparation for Failover

A business that operates online or depends on the Internet must be able to predict its downtime so that it can assess its technology and failover strategies. When a company has no failover strategy, which is a plan of action to prevent downtime, it increases the risk for business downtime.

The key to a successful failover plan is that it offers backup in such a way that odds fall close to zero for downtime. Using a backup Internet solution boosts a company's reliability. The cloud offers redundancy in data backup, so that data is more protected than in a proprietary enterprise solution. The more prepared a company is for disasters, the more favorability it will have in online reviews.

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