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Don’t Use Shotgun Marketing In Your Business!

b2ap3_thumbnail_BlogPostShotgun.jpgI know the idea of shotgun marketing sounds ominous but really, it is very similar to a shotgun wedding.  In this situation, a man finds himself at gunpoint getting married with little or no thought. However, this illustration does not fully explain shotgun marketing but read on to learn exactly what it is and how to avoid this common mistake.


Ready Fire, Aim

Everyone knows that you have to aim before you fire but for some reason many companies simply do not ‘aim’ their marketing by planning.  Lack of preparation is one of the key mistakes that lead to failed campaigns.

Not carefully selecting a target market before pulling the trigger on your campaign is one way this problem shows.  This mistake will cause you to burn most of your leads, dramatically extend the sales cycle and ultimately lose sales.

Short Attention Span

This is what I like to refer to as the ADD syndrome. This happens when a business gets excited about a marketing opportunity, spends the money and then loses interest!  Most of the time interest is lost because their expectations were not met.

Normally their expectations are not in alignment with reality since most marketing techniques require repetition over time to work.  A very good example of this would be running a radio spot once and expecting a huge number of calls to flood in.  I think everyone knows that radio advertising only works when you run commercials repeatedly until prospects can finally remember you. FYI the industry standard is 7 times!


Make sure that in the future you do not conduct shotgun-marketing campaigns by planning your target market and giving the campaigns enough time to work!  If you follow this advice, you will find that your success will only grow as you ‘stick’ with your marketing campaigns over time.



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