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My Journey to Becoming a 'True Believer' in Cloud Computing.


 My Blind Reasons


You see I formed my strong negative attitude toward cloud computing, not for any major technology issues, but rather out of my concern that it wouldn’t achieve market success.


This fear was born from my deep knowledge of how decision makers think about their IT support.  Normally they relish the proximity of their IT directors or consultants; which means the closer the tech is to their network the safer they feel.


For this primary reason, I ‘knew’ that small business owners would be totally against the idea of moving their entire network offsite into an unseen data center.


The Reality


Over the last year and a half I have marketed a total cloud solution, which includes a cloud desktop offer, to San Antonio and Austin.  The positive attitude these business people have displayed toward the intangible cloud has shocked me into changing my position.


In the beginning, it took a little time to establish enough trust so that some of our early adopters would take the plunge in to our cloud solution.  However, over time I have come to realize that it was not where their data was going to reside that really mattered to most companies.


The reality was that most of these decision makers want to deal with local companies that will build a strong business relationship with them and they do not care where you put their data as long as they ‘trust’ you.




Learning this lesson was one of the critical steps that I had to take on my journey from a cloud naysayer into a true believer.  I had to give entrepreneurs more credit for their ability to see the benefits of the latest technology and having the faith the adopt it!



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