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Tech Vendors in Austin are Not Prescribing Cloud Desktops!

TechVendorsNotPrescribingCloudDoctors are highly respected by their patients who will normally accept what the doctor prescribes, without questioning. This is normally good unless the Doctor has not kept up with his or her continuing education and stayed abreast of the latest medical practices. Could this issue be one of the reasons that many IT providers in Austin are not prescribing Cloud Desktops?

The Problem

There can be serious consequences when patients work with a family doctor that has simply put his head in the sand, when it comes to additional learning.

There could be new tests that could catch certain diseases early and prevent some of his patients for having to endure that sickness or worst.  In addition to new tests, the medical industry is always coming up with new procedures, along with new drugs.

Often these new discoveries can literally save lives.  However, if the local doctor fails to keep up with the new technology then all of his clients will suffer!

The IT Parallel

I have personally witnessed hundreds of computer support providers across the country, that have refused to keep track of the fast changing technology market.  They will not view educational webinars, take calls from new vendors or even attend industry trade shows where all the latest tech innovations are introduced.

If your firm gets stuck with old data back up support like using tape drives; then you will end up with massive down time trying to repair the server, install the operation system and programs, and finally importing all the data.  This could take days and cost massive amount of downtime, when there are newer disaster recovery solutions that can eliminate this entire problem.

Of course, many tech support providers are totally ignorant of the cloud computing in general but more specifically they have no knowledge of the cloud desktop - also called a  virtual desktop or even desktop as a service.

As you can imagine, many of the companies supported by these stupid computer consultants will never get the information they need about the cloud or cloud desktops.


Much in the same way patients are impacted by their doctors’ lack of continuing education, customers of IT support providers will also pay a high price for receiving old technology advice.

Make sure that you take the advice that has become popular in the medical industry, always get a second opinion!

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