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The Biggest Hurdle in Moving to Cloud Computing in San Antonio is Gone.

Biggest HurdleFor most small business owners, the idea of cloud computing in San Antonio is an appealing one. After all, this technology makes it easier to share, access and edit both documents and information while working collaboratively. However, there is a downside that quite a few San Antonio businesses have come face to face with -- the cost. In fact, there are some cloud computing services that charge between $200 and $300 per employee, per month. Even the so-called “reasonable” companies still charge about $150 per user, each month. As a result, this high cost has prohibited many San Antonio Businesses from adopting the technology.

Why Adopting the Cloud is Such a Smart Move?

Small businesses that have adopted cloud computing in San Antonio (even for this high cost) have seen an increase in profits. In fact, many are seeing a 25 percent increase in revenue growth, while others are doubling their profits – this brings the ROI of the cloud into better focus for businesses; however, the initial cost is what has many business owners running away.

There are others who are still skeptical, wondering how in the world this much of an increase is possible. After all, you are paying for the service. When implemented, a business will be able to see some of the following savings (if not all of them):

  • Lower IT costs
  • Increased productivity
  • Lower costs for document storage and maintenance

Finally A Solution to High Cloud Costs

For San Antonio businesses that are ready to make the change and join the millions of small businesses across the U.S. that already use the cloud, there is an affordable option. CIT Cloud now focuses on a managed cloud platform. Due to updates in their offerings, they are able to expand to new markets and become a volume buyer with a Tier 4 data center. As a result, the cost barrier that has prevented small businesses from benefiting from the cloud in the past has been eliminated.

What this Means for You

With CIT Cloud, business owners can pay much less on a monthly basis for all the cloud services offered by the higher priced cloud providers. The need to purchase the hardware has also been eliminated, and with it, all the issues that can arise with this such as Internet downtime, ransomware, viruses, software and hardware failure. With this cloud service provider, businesses have access to the top remote access technologies, allowing your employees to be more productive and reduce costs -- which, ultimately, increases the bottom line.


If you have yet to move to the cloud, then you are not receiving the many benefits it offers. While there's no question that there is still some “hold out” businesses in San Antonio, with the new lower prices and superior technology offered by CIT Cloud, any business can finally reap the benefits. If you want to learn more, contact the professionals at CIT Cloud today. Being informed about all the benefits offered by cloud computing in San Antonio, any business owner will see why it is a change they should make.

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