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The Importance of Accepting Change with IT Support in San Antonio

AcceptingChangeWithITSupportThe world is a big, strange place, but a constant that's never changed is change itself. Change is good -- like IT support in San Antonio changed IT forever. Change pervades everything in our society, and it's especially present in San Antonio. This means that if you own a business, you have two choices: you can accept the importance of change and use it to your advantage, or you can stubbornly refuse it and be lost to history like the countless people before you who refused change.

Let's give a historical example.

Kroger vs. A&P: Same Time, Different Methods

A&P, or the Great Atlantic and Pacific Tea company, was an old-time grocery store in the US. It dominated the early 1900s as one of the oldest, strongest retail chains, establishing fifteen hundred stores across the country by 1920. A&P's business model fit with its time -- people couldn't afford much, so A&P focused on making small, economical stores that sold groceries at a low price.

As the latter half of the century came, however, the economy boomed. Now, Americans wanted large stores with a corresponding large selection of products and services. A&P was the grandmaster, so of course they noticed the trend: they ran a few tests and decided to ultimately stick with what made them. They chose the "if it ain't broke" approach at a time when everything was changing.

Kroger was a different story. Like their rival, they ran their tests as the time passed to see what, if anything, needed to be done to adapt to the changing times. They continued their experimentations until the 1970s, where they decided that the old business model didn't work anymore. Instead, they embraced the new trend of large stores with large selections, and they ultimately won over A&P to become one of the most popular grocery stores in the US, even to this day.

Change is always just around the corner. Business is a matter of reacting and adapting to those changes in time to keep up.

Changes in the IT Industry

Grocery chains aren't the only businesses that need to mind change, of course. Today's modern economy is more hectic and fast-paced than ever, due to the rapid advancements in technology and society. This change in society was brought about by the rise of modern technology like the Internet and smartphones, shaping our daily lives in ways we never could have seen coming.

The IT support industry has always worked in this field. IT technology is always changing, and the latest major change in the industry is something called "cloud computing". It takes your data and puts it in "the cloud", adding added redundancy, security and savings alongside huge benefits exclusive to the cloud, such as being able to access data at any place and any time. This innovation is going to change everything for the IT landscape and, likely, business as a whole.

The real question is, are you going to follow the signs?

Many businesses haven't changed their IT support in San Antonio! And a lot of these businesses get big, or old, or big and old, and they decide that they can run their businesses the way they always have, and they don't need to worry about changing. Meanwhile, younger, smarter businesses are staying on the cutting edge with the rest of the world and reaping all the benefits that are available to them.


History doesn't necessarily repeat itself, but it does rhyme. Refusing to embrace the latest changes in technology and IT support in San Antonio -- as a business in today's tech-driven world -- would be a huge mistake; just like failing to embrace the changes in retail would be for a retail company. The cutting edge leads the way. Will you follow, or be left behind? Will you adopt total cloud computing, or will you not? Feel free to call our CIT Cloud Office (1-844-THE-CLOUD) if you have any questions about this article, cloud computing or other IT topics.

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