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Who are the San Antonio Cloud Solutions Pretenders?

CloudSolutionsPretendersMost of us have played "pretend" in our childhood, usually by dressing up as our favorite hero or fictional character. Of course, this behavior is harmless and can actually help with proper child development. However, some pretending can be very dangerous - like when a managed services provider pretends to be a real cloud solutions provider in markets like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or Houston.

Cloud Solutions Pretenders

The pretender that tops the list is a very renowned company in the San Antonio market place called Knight Office Solutions that sells copiers and printers.  In the last couple of years, they entered the computer support market and became a managed services provider.

However, a few days ago I checked their website and was shocked to see that they had begun targeting cloud-computing keywords. The reason I was so surprised is because I know for a fact that this firm at the very worst doesn’t even have a cloud service to offer or at the very best has just thrown one together with some bailing wire and duct tape over the last couple of months.

How Do I Know

One of the representatives of this company came into our office a few months ago and made an audacious offer to buy out our company so they could consolidate their IT support in the San Antonio market.

This is when our CEO told this representative that our firm was actually in a major expansion mode as we are currently growing into the Austin and Houston markets.  So there was no way our firm was about to sell out; but he took a moment to further educate this representative.  Since their firm was only focused on the traditional IT support model he told them that the cloud was taking over and that the companies that were still selling managed services were really “Dead Men Walking!”

The Danger

Now there is nothing wrong with tech support firms deciding to enter the cloud computing marketing place, as long as they are upfront with their prospects as to the nature of their learning curve.   This means they should be telling all prospects that if they signed up for their cloud offer they would essentially be guinea pigs or test rats.

The reality is that most companies would never make this disclaimer in a million years because it is a deal killer!   Instead, they often try to make it look as if they have been in the cloud business for a long time and have tons of experience migrating data.

The reality is there is a huge learning curve when it comes to successfully migrating customer’s data to datacenter environment.  All too often, major problems can develop at this critical stage and some companies become so frustrated they blame the cloud instead of the poor technical support of the cloud pretender.


Ultimately, the real danger lies in harming the reputation of cloud computing itself.  Right now, it is still a battle persuading prospects to believe in the cloud without the shenanigans of these cloud pretenders poising the well for everyone.  Just make sure that before you sign with a cloud solutions provider that you make sure they have plenty of experience and are not just a fly by night operation.  Let us make sure the only pretending going on is limited to the kids playing in the back yard.

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