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You Can Think Big Thoughts with Cloud Computing


Recently I have had Peter Gabriel’s song Big Time stuck in my head as I contemplate the future growth of the CIT Cloud Office.  You see I thought that we had laid out big plans for expanding the company into Austin, Houston and Dallas.  This song has challenged me to believe that our cloud computing offer can expand far beyond the borders of Texas.


However, we are even more passionate about getting our clients to start thinking about taking their businesses Big Time!  Read more to learn how the cloud can help stimulate your company’s expansion!

Think Big Thoughts

I have found that business owners have usually settled for the status quo when it comes to growing their company. Therefore, the first step in thinking Big is to open your mind to the possibility that your company can expand. 

Of course, there will always be those internal objections that arise as you begin arguing with yourself and talking yourself right out of taking action.  However, you cannot have a bigger house, bigger vacation or just a bigger lifestyle if you do not first make your company Bigger. The key is to whip up your desire for the benefits that growing your company will accrue to you personally.

Take Big Action

Once, you have become excited about going after some Big business goals you should start thinking about the next steps you will need to take to accomplish the growth you have now visualized.

Of course, massive growth will mean something different for every company depending on where they stand currently. If your company currently only has a single location then your next step might not be to immediately go out and open a new office in another city. You should first consider if you have plenty of room to grow locally. Some other actionable ideas to consider instead might be to expand your online marketing and dominate more keywords or hire more salespeople, etc….

If expanding into new markets is the natural next step in your expansion plan, then this is where cloud computing might help stretch your mind to let those Big thoughts come out!

You Need Scalability

There are many barriers to expanding your business into new markets and if this is not something you have personally had experience with, then it is always a good idea to tap a business coach who does have this expertise to assist in developing your strategy.

You should also take stock of the cash requirements that this undertaking with require and make sure you are well capitalized to bring your expansion into fruition. Of course, you will need to consider if your project will require a brick and mortar office or if you can have a virtual presence. Now many firms are finding they can dramatically lower the cost of expanding into new markets by having a virtual footprint.

First, you can have a virtual office and eliminate the need for an expensive office lease…  However, you probably cannot get away with virtual employees if you have a law firm or some other professional company. This might throw a monkey wrench in your planning unless you realize that you can virtually connect with remote employees through a VOIP phone system and a Cloud Desktop.

The Bottom Line

We want you to get excited about the possibility for growing your business by thinking Big and then start thinking about the actions you will need to take. However, it's important to realize how new technology can make the whole process easier and less expensive. Cloud computing will allow you to expand into multiple markets by eliminating the physical infrastructure barriers! If you start now it will not be long until you will be in the “Big City with a Big House and praying to a Big God….”


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