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Does Your IT Support Provider in San Antonio Offer Internet Failover?

InternetFailoverInternet downtime is inevitable for most companies with on-premise systems. Yet it's possible to have near zero downtime if you choose an experienced cloud provider that emphasizes security. A major downside to the cloud, however, is that loss of the Internet means you are disconnected from network and communication with customers. Here are items to be aware of in your search for IT support in San Antonio.

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The Biggest Hurdle in Moving to Cloud Computing in San Antonio is Gone.

Biggest HurdleFor most small business owners, the idea of cloud computing in San Antonio is an appealing one. After all, this technology makes it easier to share, access and edit both documents and information while working collaboratively. However, there is a downside that quite a few San Antonio businesses have come face to face with -- the cost. In fact, there are some cloud computing services that charge between $200 and $300 per employee, per month. Even the so-called “reasonable” companies still charge about $150 per user, each month. As a result, this high cost has prohibited many San Antonio Businesses from adopting the technology.

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San Antonio, Don’t Put All Your Cloud Computing Data in One Basket

CloudComputing Basket

Some of our cloud-computing competitors in San Antonio have forgotten a wise old saying, “Don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. Many IT providers have jumped into our market without considering a redundancy issue that is critical to consumers. Read more to see how they have violated this old saying and disappointed their prospects!

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Could Rackspace, Headquartered in San Antonio, Have a Weakness with Cloud Desktops?

RackspaceWeaknessFlash back to Blockbuster, this company became a video rental juggernaut overnight by putting many competitors out of business.

Now this enormous company is essentially out of business because they could not keep up with technology.

Did the same thing happen to Rackspace, a datacenter based in San Antonio, which is now looking for a buyer?  Could this defeat be the result of not keeping up with cloud desktop technology?

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Who are the San Antonio Cloud Solutions Pretenders?

CloudSolutionsPretendersMost of us have played "pretend" in our childhood, usually by dressing up as our favorite hero or fictional character. Of course, this behavior is harmless and can actually help with proper child development. However, some pretending can be very dangerous - like when a managed services provider pretends to be a real cloud solutions provider in markets like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or Houston.

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