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How a Cloud Workspace is Transforming the Way People do Business

BYODIn case you haven’t already heard, utilizing a Cloud Workspace for business is a way that small to medium sized businesses are saving money, time and hassle on a recurring basis. However, it is also transforming the way people do business. 

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Could Rackspace, Headquartered in San Antonio, Have a Weakness with Cloud Desktops?

RackspaceWeaknessFlash back to Blockbuster, this company became a video rental juggernaut overnight by putting many competitors out of business.

Now this enormous company is essentially out of business because they could not keep up with technology.

Did the same thing happen to Rackspace, a datacenter based in San Antonio, which is now looking for a buyer?  Could this defeat be the result of not keeping up with cloud desktop technology?

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Who are the San Antonio Cloud Solutions Pretenders?

CloudSolutionsPretendersMost of us have played "pretend" in our childhood, usually by dressing up as our favorite hero or fictional character. Of course, this behavior is harmless and can actually help with proper child development. However, some pretending can be very dangerous - like when a managed services provider pretends to be a real cloud solutions provider in markets like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or Houston.

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Tech Vendors in Austin are Not Prescribing Cloud Desktops!

TechVendorsNotPrescribingCloudDoctors are highly respected by their patients who will normally accept what the doctor prescribes, without questioning. This is normally good unless the Doctor has not kept up with his or her continuing education and stayed abreast of the latest medical practices. Could this issue be one of the reasons that many IT providers in Austin are not prescribing Cloud Desktops?

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Should Austin Businesses Fear Cloud Security?


I recently addressed the proximity of servers as being one of the main concerns Austin companies expressed about cloud security.


However, an even deeper issue has surfaced that relates to the technicians who will be responsible for the data.


When you entrust your business' critical information to a cloud provider, will it be at risk from the very people responsible for the security?

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