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Who are the San Antonio Cloud Solutions Pretenders?

CloudSolutionsPretendersMost of us have played "pretend" in our childhood, usually by dressing up as our favorite hero or fictional character. Of course, this behavior is harmless and can actually help with proper child development. However, some pretending can be very dangerous - like when a managed services provider pretends to be a real cloud solutions provider in markets like San Antonio, Austin, Dallas or Houston.

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Is Paranoia Behind the San Antonio Cloud Computing Skeptics?


Most business owners that I have met in San Antonio and Austin seem pretty accepting of the cloud-computing concept.

However, I have run into a few rare individuals that have been vehemently against anything to do with the cloud.

After a few of these incidents, I am starting to think there might be a common thread.  Could misplaced paranoia be fueling these skeptics?



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Should Austin Businesses Fear Cloud Security?


I recently addressed the proximity of servers as being one of the main concerns Austin companies expressed about cloud security.


However, an even deeper issue has surfaced that relates to the technicians who will be responsible for the data.


When you entrust your business' critical information to a cloud provider, will it be at risk from the very people responsible for the security?

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