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My Journey to Becoming a 'True Believer' in Cloud Computing.


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Cloud Computing is More Like a Helicopter!


If you have been around the selling game for a while then no doubt you have heard someone make the comparison that his or her product is more like a Mercedes and the competitor is a Honda.  

Of course, the idea behind this is to show that their product or service has a lot more value that justifies a higher price.

However, when it comes to comparing cloud computing to traditional IT support this comparison simply does not work!  We say the cloud is more like a Helicopter and traditional support is a Honda, find out why!

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Don’t Use Shotgun Marketing In Your Business!

b2ap3_thumbnail_BlogPostShotgun.jpgI know the idea of shotgun marketing sounds ominous but really, it is very similar to a shotgun wedding.  In this situation, a man finds himself at gunpoint getting married with little or no thought. However, this illustration does not fully explain shotgun marketing but read on to learn exactly what it is and how to avoid this common mistake.    Ready Fire, Aim Everyone knows that you have to aim before you fire but for some reason many companies simply do not ‘aim’ their marketing by planning.  Lack of preparation is one of the key mistakes that lead to failed campaign......
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You Can Think Big Thoughts with Cloud Computing

b2ap3_thumbnail_Thoughts_Cloud-Computing.jpg   Recently I have had Peter Gabriel’s song Big Time stuck in my head as I contemplate the future growth of the CIT Cloud Office.  You see I thought that we had laid out big plans for expanding the company into Austin, Houston and Dallas.  This song has challenged me to believe that our cloud computing offer can expand far beyond the borders of Texas.   However, we are even more passionate about getting our clients to start thinking about taking their businesses Big Time!  Read more to learn how the cloud can help stimulate your company’s expansion! Think Big T......
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