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Does Proximity Affect the Security of Cloud Computing?

When our company started focusing on just selling a cloud-based solution, I got fully prepared to address the security issue head on.

However, once I had met with lots of prospects I started to understand how they really felt about security.  This is when I realized many held a straw man viewpoint about security. 

Read more to learn what this straw man argument is and how it might affect your view of cloud security.

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My Journey to Becoming a 'True Believer' in Cloud Computing.


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What Are People Saying About Cloud Computing in San Antonio?


When you bring up the subject of cloud computing, in a market like San Antonio, you will find a plethora of opinions that range from the true believer, skeptics and even the naysayers.

For business owners trying to decide if they should take their networks into the cloud, this murky range of opinions can be very unnerving!

Whom should you trust when it comes to cloud computing?

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